Commnunity Involvement

George Warriner Schools

Brad is on the governing board for George Warriner Schools in Sheboygan. These Charter schools organized through the Sheboygan Area School District utilize a combination of technology and project based learning to reach kids that are searching for something different from the traditional education approach. Brad and Amy found this school when researching options for one of their children. For more information go to

Sheboygan County Veterans Memorial

Brad serves as a non-voting member. The memorial project began in 1988 with a ground breaking ceremony on November 11th, 1990. The Memorial was opened to the public in 1994 and serves as a reminder to the community of the sacrifice those in this county have made for our freedom. For more information go to

Youth Basketball

Brad has had the privilege of coaching youth basketball for a number of years. He takes pride in contributing to the development of not only the players’ fundamentals but also playing a small part in their development as individuals. Brad strongly believes that creating a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, work ethic, and sportsmanship are essential for youth development and he is happy to have the opportunity to work with the kids.

Tourette Association of America Wisconsin Chapter

Jeannine is on the Board of Directors for the Tourette Association of America Wisconsin Chapter, and organization that is raising Awareness and fostering social acceptance of Tourette Syndrome (TS). She has been involved with the Tourette Association of America since 2010. One of the projects with the TAA that holds a special place, is the Youth Ambassador (YA) program. Jeannine’s daughters are Youth Ambassadors. As a YA team, our goal is to educate children about TS and to spread tolerance of and understanding about TS, while displacing the myths and stereotypes that are often associated with this misunderstood and misdiagnosed disorder. Click here to learn more.


Jeannine is also a WISE “It’s Up to Me” facilitator. This program was designed to help people to consider the tone of their internal narrative, explore the benefits of disclosing their personal narrative and learning strategies for disclosing safely, and crafting a personal message that represent their personal goals for disclosure. This program was designed for those who have faced trauma, mental illness and other challenges with beliefs of recovery, empowerment and hope. Jeannine was on the team that helped to gear a portion of this program to those that face these challenges directly related to Tourette Syndrome. Click here to learn more.

Sheboygan County 4H Program

Jeannine is an adult leader in the Sheboygan County 4H Program. Her daughter rides on the Western Renegades Drill Team and participates in the Sheboygan County Horse and Pony Project.